McKenzie Mist Website

naturally pure artesian water company

McKenzie Mist is a naturally pure artesian water company in Eugene, Oregon. Proud of its locally owned, family run status, McKenzie Mist has been growing strong for over 25 years. After acquiring new branding, they wanted to updated their website as well.

The important messages of the site are:

  1. The purity of the water.
  2. The award winning great taste.

  3. The importance healthy water plays in a healthy lifestyle.

  4. The benefits of working with a local company that offers quick delivery and great customer service.

A banner slideshow at the top of the homepage highlights strong, lush images of snow, mist and rain covered mountains, the natural source of the water. These images are mixed with those of active kids and adults who enjoy the healthy benefits of this refreshing, pure deep well water. As Molly, McKenzie Mist’s owner, likes to remind people, it’s not just bottled tap water!*

The site copy is carefully written and edited to be concise and easily read to give business and residential customers just the information they need to make an informed decision and contact real people to help them fill their water needs. In keeping with their values and business model McKenzie Mist chose not to make this a commerce site but to point prospective new customers to their real world market outlets and friendly office staff.

The site is beautiful, but simple like the water itself.

*Note: The site has been recently modified to reflect McKenzie Mist’s loss of their production facility to forest fires last fall and their plans for the future. And a new update is in the making.

“Darla surpassed my expectations when she designed our new website.

Our company had an antiquated, unattractive website. It was literally embarrassing. We had struggled with concept, design and other designers until Darla accepted the challenge. She learned about our business, heard my ideas, wants and needs, and quickly got to work generating ideas and producing content.
We worked closely together in the beginning, then she took the project and ran- producing a modern, attractive website in a short amount of time. She is great at being accessible and responsive-making changes and little tweaks with no muss or fuss. We are now proud of our beautiful website. It is the primary and first point of contact that new customers have with our company and our product, so it is important that it look great! Customers now mention how attractive it is when they call in.
Working with Darla was a real pleasure. I highly recommend Darla to any business who is looking for a creative, efficient, experienced designer.”
Molly Morris
McKenzie Mist - Naturally Pure Artesian Water