McKenzie Mist Website

naturally pure artesian water company

McKenzie Mist is a naturally pure artesian water company in Eugene, Oregon. Proud of it’s locally owed, family run status, McKenzie Mist has been growing strong for 24 years. Recently acquiring new branding, they wanted a new updated their website as well.

The important messages to convey are:

  • The purity of the water.
  • The award winning great taste.
  • The importance healthy water plays in a healthy lifestyle.
  • The benefits of working with a local company that offers quick delivery and great customer service.

We accomplished this with strong, lush images of snow, mist and rain covered mountains, the source of the water. These images mixed with those of active kids and adults who benefit from its consumption. All the images were chosen to reflect the purity of the water and benefits for the customer.

The site copy is carefully written by the company owner and edited by me to be concise and easily read to give business and residential customers just the information they need to make an informed decision and contact real people to help them fill their needs. In keeping with their values and business model McKenzie Mist chose not to make this a commerce site but to point perspective new customers to their real world markets and friendly staff.

From the beginning, both images and copy were chosen to make it beautiful, but it keep it simple like the water itself.