Future Pops Handcrafted Pops

Pop Sticker Labels

It has been a lot of fun working with Mick to give a face to Future Pops. It helps that they are delicious! He has been in the ice cream business for a long time, but has just recently handcrafted his own pop. Or more accurately, POPS. He is a wizard with flavors and has dozens of them.

Future Pops already had a logo when I came on board. They have been making, packaging and labeling the pops to sell through Mick’s ice cream truck distribution business. So far the labels have been made in-house. But Mick has higher aspirations to bring his product into convenience and grocery stores and we are working on new packaging to make that happen.

The premise of Future Pops, its logo, and therefore its label and sticker design is based on Mick’s love of Sci-Fi and the concept of time travel. The colorful swirl illustration that is modified for every flavor, represents a time tunnel for time travel as well the wonderful mixing together of yummy ingredients that makes up each pop’s flavor. The ingredients fall into the mix in just the right combination to create each sensational taste. The fruit flavors are made with all natural, real fruit, so we state that prominently!

Mick has only just begun his trek into this tasty new adventure and I am grateful to be able to make the journey with him. As Mick would say, “Building a better future, one lick at a time!”